Valve Steels

Valbruna can supply steels and special alloys for engine valves in rough ground, ground or ground and polished bars depending on the production process of the customer. Rough ground or ground bars are offered for engine valves obtained by extrusion, while the ground and polished bars are proposed for upsetting.

  • Valve Steels
  • Valve Steels

Alloy Steels

Grade EN # AISI # UNS # EN Name
VAL5 1.4718 X45CRSI9-3
VAL5M 1.4731 X40CRSIM010-2

Austenitic Steels

Grade EN # AISI # UNS # EN Name BS Name
21MN 1.4881 X70CRMNNIN21-6
212MN 1.4875 EV12 S63012 X55CRMNNIN20-8
214MN 1.4871 EV8 S63008 X53CRMNNIN21-9 349S52
214MNC 1.4870 X53CRMNNINBN21-9 352S52
214MNCW 1.4882 XEV-F S63019 X50CRMNNINBN21-9
ACMV 1.4748 X85CRM0V18-2
ACNW 331S40
APFR/2 EV4 S63017 381S34
AVW 1.4873 X45CRNIW18-9
AVS 1.4747 X80CRNISI20
AVS/DE 1.4732 X80CRSIMOW15-2
NTR20 1.4866 X33CRNIMNN23-8
S5220 1.4785 X60CRMNM0VNBN21-10

Nickel Alloys

Grade EN # AISI # UNS # EN Name
GL2 2.4952 N07080 NICR20TIAL