Maxival® is a technologically advanced process carried out on conventional stainless steels such as Type 304 and 316 that greatly improves machinability without jeopardize mechanical properties or resistance to corrosion.

Tile advantages offered to a machine shop when working with Maxival® process treated grades are:

  • a greater number of machined pieces
  • less tool wear
  • a reduction of down times for tool replacement
  • Maxival
  • Maxival
Grade EN # AISI # UNS # EN Name BS #
MVAIISL 1.4301/1.4307 304/304L S30400/S30403 X5CRNI18-10/X2CRNI18-9 304S15
MVAISLDE 1.4306 X2CRNI19-11 304S11
MVAISLFR 1.4401 304/304L S30400/S30403 X5CRNI18-10 304S15
MVAISRU 1.4567 304CU S30430 X3CRNICU18-9-4
MVAIST 1.4541 321 S32100 X6CRNITI18-10
MVAPMDE2 1.4432/1.4436 X2CRNIMO17-12-3/X5CRNIMO17-13-3 316S14/316S19/316S33
MVAPML 1.4401/1.4404 316/316L S31600/S31603 X5CRNIMO17-12-2/X2CRNIMO17-12-2 316S14/316S19
MVAPMLD2 1.4435/1.4437 X2CRNIMO18-14-3/X6CRNIMO18-12 316S13/316S33/316S14/316S19
MVAPMLDE 316S11/316S31/316S14/316S19
MV188HS 1.4305 303 S30300 X8CRNIS18-9
MV274MDE 1.4460 X3CRNIMON27-5-2
VPAU188Z 1.4305 303 S30300 X8CRNIS-18-9
VAL2A 1.4021 420 S42000 X20CR13

Other Grades available on request