Soft Magnetic Steels


Magival® is a range of ferritic stainless steels, with a high degree of machinability, designed for magnetic applications where there are requirements for:

  • high permeability
  • low coercive force
  • high machinability

Carefully controlled chemical analysis and sophisticated working processes create a ferritic structure which is highly sensitive to variations in a magnetic field. This avoids the need for expensive heat treatment by the user after machining. Due to their extreme ease of magnetization and demagnetization, the Magivai® grades can be used to advantage in the manufacture of:

  • magnetic cores
  • solenoid valves
  • electromagnetic devices
  • flow regulators
  • injector components
  • Soft Magnetic Steels - Magival
  • Soft Magnetic Steels - Magival
  • Soft Magnetic Steels - Magival
  • Soft Magnetic Steels - Magival
AFNOR Z 8 CF 17 ASTM A 838 ALLOY 2 AFNOR Z 8 CDF 19 02 Steel similar to ASTM A 838 – ALLOY 2 with Molybdenum 1,5 ÷ 2,2% W.Nr. 1.4106 ASTM A 582 S18235
ASTM A 838 ALLOY 1   ASTM A 582 XM 34 W.Nr.1.4523
ASTM A 582 430 F      
DIN 17440 W. Nr. 1.4105      
The best-known type, finding wide use in the automobile industries and for household electrical apparatus and appliances. Used in components of magnetic devices where high values of magnetic permeability and low values of coercive force are required. Its field of application is as for MG1. It is used where a greater resistance to corrosion is required, thanks to its molybdenum content. Its composition has been developed for applications requiring better magnetic characteristics and high corrosion resistance. These properties are obtained thanks to a low content of interstital elements and a high molybdenum content. Ferritic Stainless Steel with Mo and Ti characterized by an improved machinability and with a better corrosion resistance than 430F series.

Other grades available on request