Controls and Quality Certification

The company’s quality assurance system is certified to UNI EN ISO 9001, and product quality is assured by full conformity with a range of European Standards for special steels (e.g. UNI-EN 10088), and with the strictest international standards certified by TÜV, Lloyd’s Register and Det Norske Veritas, Checks are continuous throughout the whole production cycle, including for Mercury and radioactive contamination, starting from the scrap to be melted, during the various process steps, through the monitoring of the process parameters.

Non-destructive testings are carried out by UT, ET, MT, VT methods and the personnel is qualified and certified according to EN473 – ISO 9712 and EN4179 – NAS410.

Laboratory facilities are available for chemical analysis using an Optical Emission spectrometer in wet analysis; metallographic evaluation by optical and Scanning Electron Microscopes; mechanical properties with hot and cold tensile tests, creep tests, and magnetic properties by a permeameter.