Valbruna a global powerhouse in stainless reinforcement and will continue to make a larger footprint in the Australian market with ongoing investment and knowledge. Valbruna can supply a full package including stainless reinforcement supply, cutting bending and delivery on site, and full project management.We also can offer a design service were the use of stainless steel can be optimized to make a more cost effective structure.

Stainless steel reinforcement is used in concrete structures when corrosion or strength is of concern. This corrosion can be in the form of chlorides from salt water, the composition of the concrete itself , stray currents. Valbruna Australia draws on its knowledge of being a mill rather than a retail outlet to provide customers with the most suitable stainless steel for their requirement.

Concrete corrosion

Valbruna Stainless reinforcement Australia, offers a true wholly mill owned direct to market solution to your stainless reinforcement project .Experience the value of dealing with the mill direct. Valbruna offer a full range of stainless reinforcement in Australia and will have in excess of 300 tonnes ex stock at our Brisbane warehouse. A full cutting bending and scheduling service is also provided.

Valbruna Stainless reinforcement can also supply Stainless mesh , Stainless tie wire and cut to size stainless dowels.

Stainless Steel reinforcing bar is specified for reasons such as:

  • Stainless steel reinforcing resists attack in areas were chloride contamination in the concrete is prevalent. In very aggressive environments such as sea water, carbon steel degradation occurs at a rapid rate.With the correct grade selection stainless steel can provide 300 year life spans to structures.
  • Stainless steel reinforcing will be of long term benefit for use in structure that are remote or inaccessible for routine maintenance.
  • Due to the advance production methods at Valbruna, we can produce stainless rebar with extremely high tensile and yield strength. This may enable the designer to produce structure with reduced tonnage of material with no reduction in life span.
  • Stainless steel rebar can be used in areas such as medical buildings, MRI machine housing and airports were magnetic permeability is of concern. Austenitic stainless steels have low magnetic permeability and are suitable for this application.
  • Stainless Steel Reval
  • Stainless Steel Reval
  • Stainless Steel Reval
  • Stainless Steel Reval
Austenitic Duplex Superaustenitic
304/304L 316/316L 318 1.4529
304LN 316LN 318S13
304S31 1.4571 1.4462
1.4307 316S33 S31803
1.4301 1.4404 1.4362
1.4541 1.4436 1.4162
S30400/S30403 1.4429 *LDX2101®
S30453 S31600/S31603
S24100 S31653


Coils Dia from 3 to 20 mm 700 Kg – 1500 Kg
Bars Dia from 3 to 50 mm 12 metres max